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Vinyl Sticker Peace. Love. Dub is easy to apply on any smooth surface, has good wear resistance in the room and is resistant to weathering.
Cut stickers. Made of high quality vinyl film and equipped with a special mounting film for easy gluing. Suitable for water bottles, the mailbox, the refrigerator, and more.
You can order stickers of the following sizes from us.
Sticker size:
5 x 2.88 inch. (127 x 73 mm.)
6 x 3.45 inch. (152.4 x 88 mm.)
8 x 4.61 inch. (203.2 x 117 mm.)
10 x 5.76 inch. (254 x 146 mm.)
12 x 6.91 inch. (304.8 x 176 mm.)
You can also choose 9 colors to choose from:
For best results, the surface should be smooth, clean and dry when applying labels. In addition,the temperature should be above 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) during their application.
SCU car00340 Cut Decal Peace. Love. Dub
1. CLEAN: Wipe clean the window or surface you are applying the decal to with a mild cleaner. Allow to dry. (Soap and water or rubbing alcohol)
2. PEEL: Carefully peel off the backing layer from the decal. (Only the vinyl and the clear transfer layer should remain).
3. APPLY: Place your decal on the window. Use a credit card to rub and smooth the decal onto the window.
4. REMOVE: Now remove the clear transfer layer by peeling it off starting from the corner. (Only the vinyl decal should remain).
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Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Red, Silver, White, Yellow


5 x 2.88 inch. (127 x 73 mm.), 6 x 3.45 inch. (152.4 x 88 mm.), 8 x 4.61 inch. (203.2 x 117 mm.), 10 x 5.76 inch. (254 x 146 mm.), 12 x 6.91 inch. (304.8 x 176 mm.)


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