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This is handmade, so the printed images may differ slightly from the photo.

Each 50 ml. (1.69 fl. oz)

Maneki-neko – Symbol of good luck in Japan
Ladybug – Symbol of good luck in Finland, Latvia
Dala horse – Symbol of good luck inSwedish
Dreamcatcher – Symbol of good luck with Indian peoples
Horseshoe – Symbol of good luck different European nations
Four-leaf clover – Symbol of good luck Ireland and many other countries

The image is deposited by etching glass.
Therefore, the images will not be erased and not washed off.
Can be safely sent to the dishwasher.

This is not an official product. This is a fan art.

Additional information

Shot Glasses

Maneki-neko, Ladybug, Dala horse, Dreamcatcher, Horseshoe, Four-leaf clover, All


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