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Decorative vinyl stickers on the keyboard Turkish language

8 bit video game

This decal fits HP, EliteBook 840 G4
Labels have a special protective layer and is resistant to abrasion.

If you need stickers in another language, contact us and I will make stickers for you individually.

1 row
Esc = 15×7 mm
F1 – insert =15×7 mm
Delete= 15×7 mm
2 row
é= 11×15 mm
1-_=15×15 mm
Return= 27×15 mm
home=15×15 mm
3 row
Tab= 21×15 mm
Q-Ü=15×15 mm
enter=top 18 mm heigh 33 mm bot14 mm
pg up=15×15 mm
4 row
caps=25×15 mm
A-‘=15×15 mm
pg dn= 15×15 mm
shift–=15×15 mm
bigshift=41×15 mm
end= 15×15  mm
6 row
ctrl-alt =15×15  mm
space=89×15  mm
alt, menu, arrow right, arrow left= 15×15 mm
ctrl= 15×15 mm
arrow up +arrow down=15*7  mm



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